General conditions of use of the website


1. Before using the website, please read these terms of use of the website carefully (hereinafter - the conditions).

2. The website is understood as a website created by Nellija Ose, which is “ group” (hereinafter – part, the address of which is, with all the information and materials available on the website.

3. By visiting the website or using the published information about the product and the provision of services, you personally or the person representing you, if you act on its behalf, agree to these conditions.

4. In case you do not agree to these terms, we ask you not to visit or use the website, and also not to use the services offered and the information included on the site.

5. We inform that the purpose of processing the entered information (including data of individuals) on the website of is to provide the services indicated on the website and to provide assistance while using the website.

6. has the right at any time to unilaterally change the content and terms of use of the Internet page Such changes come into force after publication on the webpage.

7. From the moment you start using the website or perform any activities on the site, it is considered that you have become familiar with the conditions existing at the time of use and will comply with them. It is the duty of each user of the Internet site to regularly re-read the conditions in order to keep abreast of the changes introduced. If you do not agree to the terms, then it is prohibited to use the Internet site

8. Registered users of the website have the right to use the provided opportunities and services at the prices that are valid at the time of the provision of the service. has the right, at its discretion, to change prices at any time and/or create new paid services.

9. In order to become a registered user of the website, it is necessary to follow the established registration procedure on the webpage.

10. Each registered user of the Internet page undertakes not to share its user data to other persons. If actions are taken from the registered user profile (including the purchase of goods and / or services) using the correct username and password on the Internet site, then it is considered that the registered user performs the actions in the corresponding profile.

11. The site user agrees to receive information from the site about various current events if the user, as a subject of personal data, has given free and unequivocal consent (except for cases in which sending news to the user occurs on a different legal basis).

12. is not responsible for any costs and damages arising from the use of the website

13. In cases when doubts have arisen about filling out the forms of documents posted on the website, please contact the contact person indicated on the website

Use of the services offered by the Internet site

14. You undertake to always act in accordance with the established procedure on the website

15. Do not use the published information on the website for malicious purposes. The services offered by the Internet site can be used only in accordance with existing regulations. has the right to stop or terminate the provision of services if during the order the conditions of the website are not met.

16. Requiring Nellija Ose or a person who represents to make changes in a registered order that is not completed yet, please note that it is necessary to inform about the changes by writing Letter ( from the e-mail address specified in the order form or by contacting by phone (603027251) from the number specified in the order form.

17., having ascertained errors and / or inaccuracies in the price or description of goods on the website, until the moment when payment for the goods has not yet arrived, has the right to unilaterally cancel the distance contract. As an exception, can cancel a distance contract if the distance contract is executed maliciously by the second party, or fraudulently, under the influence of a third party; because of the lack of grasp of the ordered goods; excessive loss incurred by one or the other party; non-observance of the terms of payment for the ordered goods and in other cases specified in regulatory enactments.

18. Using the website does not grant any rights to the content that is accessible. It is forbidden to use the accessible information content on the website, if there is no permission from the owner of this information content or other type of permission in accordance with the law. These conditions do not grant the right to use any brand or logo included on the website It is forbidden to withdraw, modify or make not clear any notice that is published on the website or is provided through the website

19. The content and description of the goods, as well as any other information that is considered the property of is published on the Internet site

20. In connection with the use of services, has the right to send messages and reminders about the services started, which are not completed, and other information to the e-mail address entered when ordering in order to improve the quality of the services provided. Also has the right to send information about new products, promotions and discounts on and partners of


Use and confidentiality of data entered on the website


21. informs that by specifying your e-mail address, you agree that it will be included in the database and a message / reminder about started, but not yet started, can be sent to it from the website completed orders for the goods.

22. Using the website, you agree that or any other third person acting on behalf of can collect and store data that will allow you to track and select:

22.1 total number of web site visitors,

22.2 the number of visitors to each section of the Internet site,

22.3 domain names of Internet providers that served visitors to,

22.4 IP addresses

22.5 other data, the purpose of the use of which is the administration of the system, as well as to monitor the use and improve the website in an organized way.

23., selected and accumulated data on the Internet site for informative purposes and for creating statistics, has the right to transfer data to other companies. DATA WHICH ALLOWED TO IDENTIFY A PERSON, THIS PROCESS IS NOT OPENED AND IS NOT TRANSFERRED TO THIRD PARTIES, EXCEPT ORDERS, WHERE THE PAYMENT IS INDICATED LEASING AND WHERE IS NECESSARY ON THE PROGRAM THOSE PRO.

24. does not connect the user's IP address and e-mail with the data that allow identifying this user. This means that each user's session is registered, but the user of the website remains anonymous.

25. All materials sent or entered on the website become the property of, which as the owner of the website has the right to use for personal use except for data of individuals.

26. Please note that by providing your e-mail address or sending any information to the website, you agree that has the right to use this data only for the above purposes, in that the number of these conditions in the 20th paragraph of the goals mentioned.


Order goods and protect the privacy of the website


27. Starting to place an order for goods, confirm that you have read and agree with the Privacy Policy of the site

Personal data received from customers is processed in compliance with regulations governing the processing and protection of personal data. During the processing and storage of personal data of Buyers, the Seller uses organizational and technical means to protect personal data and prevent their illegal processing. More on processing personal data Privacy Policy

28. Starting to place an order for the goods, confirm that you have read and agree to

terms of delivery of goods.

29. Starting to place an order for the goods, confirm that you have read the right of warranty and the use of return.

30. Starting to place an order for goods, confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of leasing for the purchase of goods.

31. Starting to place an order for goods, by contacting or a person representing, by phone, in writing in a chat on the Internet site, by e-mail, in social networks , confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of use of the website and the provided contact details are correct.

32. for certain types of orders where additional processing of payments is required, has the right to apply a payment processing fee in the form of 5% of the value of the order amount. In case a payment service fee is applied to a specific order, it will be displayed in a certain order placement step. The service charge for the order will be displayed separately ..


On the terms of use of the website


33. In the event that any clause of the above conditions expires, it will not affect the other conditions.

34. Any altercations that follow from or related to the above conditions or services will be considered in accordance with the established requirements of regulatory enactments.

35. The right to all intellectual property on the website belongs only to In case of violations of these rights, the perpetrator will be held accountable in accordance with the established requirements of the regulations.

36. For information on how to contact, see on the website in the section “Contacts”.

Documents of purchase of purchased goods in the online store

37. In cases where the ordered goods in the online store, the buyer pays for and collects in the client center, the following documents are issued confirming the purchase:

a. Cashier's check;

b. Consignment of goods;

at. Warranty card talons (if such is provided). 

38. In cases when the ordered goods are delivered to the address indicated by the buyer, the document confirming the purchase is the goods invoice, which is sent to the e-mail specified in the order of a specific product.

39. The warranty card for the goods to which it is provided is also sent to the e-mail specified in the order for a specific product.

40. On the document confirming the purchase, the person responsible for order picking and drawing up the sending documents is indicated. The presence of the name and surname of the responsible person on the document is equal to the physical signature of the specified person, in accordance with Additions Hr.1 on the conditions for signing documents.

41. The fact that the buyer received the goods confirms:

a. Receiving the ordered goods in the client center - the signature on the document.

b. Receiving the ordered goods with standard delivery or choosing the goods at the points of receipt - the signature on the electronic terminal of the courier / person issuing the order.

c. Receiving the ordered goods in packers - entering the code for receiving the order.

42. Claims that the order was not delivered, after the receipt of the order is confirmed by one of the methods described in paragraph 40, are not accepted.